Trigger Point Injection Therapy in Arlington TX.

A Trigger Point Injection (TPI) targets balls of muscle that are always in spasm. When a muscle is unable to relax due to muscle fatigue, nerve damage or injury, painful knots form and surrounding nerves are aggravated. TPI successfully treats muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms, lower back and legs. HealthQuest Physical Medicine is able to offer patients almost immediate relief with TPI treatments.

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At HealthQuest Physical Medicine, a patient first receives an evaluation from a TPI specialist. Once the trigger point area is identified, TPI is used to end the muscle spasm and alleviate pain. The injection consists of a natural anti-inflammatory, and is a safe and effective alternative to cortisone treatments. Contact Us for More Information

Contact us today to learn how HealthQuest Physical Medicine can offer pain relief through trigger point injections. Call us at 817-795-7200 to arrange your free consultation.


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