Supartz Natural Joint Therapy in Arlington TX.

O go steoarthritisrefers to the breakdown of cartilage and fluid that protects and lubricates the bones in your joints. This breakdown, or degeneration, results in wear and tear since it allows your bones to rub together. As a progressive, chronic condition, osteoarthritis worsens over time. Though it can occur in any joint, osteoarthritis of the knee is the most common type.

While supplements and medications can alleviate some swelling and pain, they will only delay the need for knee surgery. Joint therapy injections are recommended for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis in patients who have not had success with physical therapy or simple painkillers.

Supartz, the leader in joint fluid therapy, reduces pain associated with osteoarthritis by increasing the lubrication in the knee. HealthQuest Physical Medicine’s skilled team is specially trained in administering the injections directly into the knee joints.

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Supartz injections are a welcome alternative to knee surgery, as they are minimally invasive and are all-natural. The injections consist of purified sodium hyaluronate, a substance found in both the joints and the joint cartilage. Patients who opt for Supartz natural knee replacement therapy often resume the active lifestyles they led prior to their knee pain. Contact Us Today

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