Spinal Decompression Therapy in Arlington TX.

Previously, when chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and pain medications did not work in alleviating chronic neck and back pain, surgery was the only option available to patients.

Arlington patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain now have an effective alternative to surgery. HealthQuest Physcial Medicine offers Spinal Decompression Therapy to replenish fluid, nutrients, and oxygen to deteriorated or damaged discs. Spinal decompression therapy also works to realign a bulging or herniated disc.

Spinal decompression tables are designed to isolate damaged discs to provide a more precise therapy.HealthQuest Physical Medicine’s spinal decompression treatment uses a table with motorized traction to gently and carefully stretch the spine. Spinal decompression therapy requires two uninterrupted 15-minute decompression cycles (several sessions may be required to fully benefit from the therapy). The gentle stretching relieves the pressure on the discs, and increases the oxygen in the spine. Increased oxygen quickens the healing process.

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Learn more about how HealthQuest Physical Medicine’s spinal and disc decompression therapy can get you back to your normal activity routine. Call us today at 817-795-7200 to schedule your free consultation.


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